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Declutter your Space, Mind and Time

Helping professionals working under pressure

Hi and welcome to the site for all your Decluttering needs. If you are a busy professional working under pressure, I believe there are three core factors that can help to minimise the impact of this lifestyle both in the short and long term. I specialise in working with Criminal Justice Professionals with the unique stresses this industry places us under.

You know how when you feel like things are disorganised, you are busy all the time, there's too much on and it gets overwhelming? That is where I come in. 

You will be looking for one or all of these: 

1. Declutter your space - de-clutter the physical environment you live or work in

2. Declutter your mind - get rid of the mental clutter, stress and self critic that stops you reaching your true capabilities and goals 

3. Declutter your time - create space in your life to do more of the things you want and start enjoying yourself again

Have you found that work takes over? You're not enjoying relationships or relaxation time as much as you used to? Or that life is just not quite how you expected and you want clarity on your goals and direction? This is what happens when our space, time and mind are full of clutter. 

I work with individuals and organisations on these three core aspects to dealing with working under pressure and building resilience. For some people, the cleansing process of sorting out that cluttered work space, home or garage is a first step to inner calm. In organisations, it has a huge impact on productivity and staff well being. Following a 5 step process, you can make huge progress in this area overnight. See 'Declutter days'. 

For others, working and living under pressure with lots of deadlines or responsibilities can take its toll on well being and subsequently affect other aspects of your life. Getting time out to look at this and start using tangible strategies to help identify goals, and minimise tension can have a significant impact on both your short and longer term health.

In order to really maintain these changes, reframing our sense of time and how we use it is crucial. 

If you'd like to find out more about decluttering your space, mind or time take a look around the site, or contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a free conversation about how I can help you or your team. 

What people say

"Jen really helped me to successfully change industry and I am really excited about starting my new job.

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone that is unhappy in their current job/career as she will help you get the results you want!"

Rick, London